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 Heraklion Crete Airport Taxi to Anissaras
Crete Airport Private Transfer to Anisaras (Chersonisos)
Payment may be in cash upon conclusion of the transfer / High quality taxi transfers in Crete. Only new Mercedes vehicles

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Crete Taxi Transfer BOOK A TAXI
Heraklion Taxi Transfer
to Anissaras
One Way 37€ - Round Trip 71
Heraklion Mini Van Tranfer Reservation BOOK A MINI VAN
Heraklion Mini Van Transfer
to Anissaras
One Way 55€ - Round Trip 105
Heraklion Mini Bus Tranfer Reservation BOOK A MINI BUS
Heraklion Mini Bus Transfer
to Anissaras
One Way 100€ - Round Trip 190
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Heraklion taxi provides private transfers from Heraklion airport to Anissaras.

The peaceful resort of Anisaras is located 21km east of Heraklion, west of Cape Sarandaris. The area is now full with big hotels, which offer primarily all-inclusive services. In front of the hotels, there are small sandy beaches with rocky seabed. All beaches are well-organized with umbrellas and sun beds, which are offered for free to the customers of the hotels.

The beaches are beautiful, but the seabed is quite rocky. This makes them popular to snorkelers. However, the beach close to Analipsi, the largest in the area, has more sand than the rest ones. From there starts the coastal road of Anisaras, which runs along the coast and stops before the big complex of Anisaras hotels. From there the road continues with south direction and "encircles" the hotels. If you want to swim at the beaches shaped in front of the hotels, you will have to walk along the coast until you find the cove you like. Otherwise, you should ask permission from the hotel guards, to let you walk across the hotels.

In the easternmost point of Anisaras, on Cape Sarandaris, you will find the small chapel of St. George, which is very picturesque and has spectacular views to the bay of Hersonissos. You can reach it either by keeping walking eastwards from the beaches of the hotels or by driving on the road that connects Anisaras with Hersonissos Coves. Before the Harbors, you will see a stonepaved footpath heading to the tip of the cape.

In Anisaras you won’t find any structured settlement or village, but only dispersed hotels. Thus, you will not have many options for dining or getting out outside the hotel. Do not worry, because Hersonissos is very close. Access to Anisaras by bus is however a big trouble, as there is no direct route to Anisaras.

SOURCE https://www.cretanbeaches.com/Beaches/Heraklion/anisaras-beaches/

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